Granite Crushing Machine

PFW Impact Crusher

Xuanshi as a large machinery manufacturing company, main production and export mining equipment(PFW Impact Crusher), the company has the world advanced crushing, grinding and milling technology.

PFW Impact Crusher is the latest kind of impact crusher developed from PF impact crusher based on the XSM’s more than 20 years experience and leading technology in impact crusher. The PFW series impact crusher is also called European style impact crusher.

PFW Impact Crusher Features and Benefits :

1. Bearing adopts the integrated cast-steel structure, which ensures the perfect match with crusher frame. Meanwhile, it greatly increases the radial intensity of bearing seat;

2. Unique fixing device of blow bar brings higher reliability;

3. Reformative adjusting device decrease the time of machine stop and overhaul;

4. Self-own open-top device can quickly finish the replacement of wearing parts;

5. Larger bearing specification and higher carrying capacity;

6. Rotor analysis ensures stableness and reliability.

Working Principle :

This impact crusher crushes materials with impact force. When the materials enter the blow bar area, they are crushed due to the high-speed impact of the blow bar and are thrown to the impact plates on the rotor for secondary crush. Then the materials will be shot back to the blow bar again for the third crush. This process repeats until the materials are crushed to the required size and discharged from the lower part of the machine. The size and shape of the finished powder can be changed by adjusting the gap between the impact rack and rotor support. The machine employs self-weigh security device in its back frame. When other objects enter the impact cavity, they will be forced out of the machine by the impact rack in the front and back of the machine.


Type Spec. Feed Opening Size(mm) Max. Feed Size (mm) Crushing Capacity (t/h) Weight (t) Dimension (mm)
PFW1210Ⅲ Ф1150X960 570X990 250 70-120 15.0 2550X1870X2100
PFW1214Ⅲ Ф1150X1400 570X1430 250 90-170 19.0 2550X2310X2100
PFW1315Ⅲ Ф1300X1500 625X1530 300 180-270 25.0 2960X2570X2380
PFW1318Ⅲ Ф1300X1800 625X1830 300 220-300 30.0 2960X2870X2380

Table 2 (bi-cavity):

Type Spec. Feed Opening Size(mm) Max. Feed Size(mm) Crushing Capacity(t/h) Weight(t) Dimension(mm)
PFW1210II Ф1150X960 1100X1030 400 90-160 17.0 2400X1870X2550
PFW1214II Ф1150X1400 1100X1430 500 130-200 22.0 2400X2310X2550
PFW1315II Ф1300X1500 1200X1530 600 180-320 29.0 2700X2570X2800
PFW1318II Ф1300X1800 1200X1830 700 240-400 34.0 2700X2870X2800

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